"Trans* people are exactly who they say they are — no matter what the culture or media would lead us to believe" 

- Janet Mock, Transgender Activist



Join the Belles!

Because of the nature of the group, it is important for our members to feel safe. Therefore, we have developed a group membership application as a way of "pre-screening" those who are interested in attending our meetings. Additionally, there are dues associated with our membership to help cover program-related costs such as space rental, coffee, etc. 


Transitioning in WNY

The meaning of the word "transitioning" means something different depending on who you are talking to. Some think of it as the period of time where your gender expression begins to match your gender identity. While others view it as more of a medical term to describe the biological changes to ones body either through hormones or surgery.

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Get Dressed!

There is always something happening within the trans* community in the greater Western New York area. You will find our site very helpful in keeping up with not only events put on by the Buffalo Belles, but by other transgender groups in the region. While we list dates and time for our locations, we do not post the location - this information is only...

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