Become A Member of The Buffalo Belles

We know how isolating it can feel when you're questing your gender identity. Sometimes our friends and families just don't understand or are not ready to accept us. By joining the Buffalo Belles, you will be joining a network of individuals who have experienced or are experiencing a similar struggle. You will find comfort in knowing that you are not alone and that within the group, you will find sisters.

Because of the nature of the group, it is important for our members to feel safe. Therefore, we have developed a group membership application as a way of "pre-screening" those who are interested in attending our meetings. Additionally, there are dues associated with our membership to help cover program-related costs such as space rental, web site, etc. 

Membership dues are:

$20.00 / Year (New Members after July 1st $15.00) with a $5.00 fee for each meeting attended.

Once your application has been submitted, a Buffalo Belles representative will contact you at your email address to set up an interview. Please note: our membership forms are completely confidential. We will NOT share this information with anyone.