1. What is a cross-dresser?
  2. What does transgender mean?
  3. Does the Buffalo Belles offer dating or escorting services?
  4. Do I have to come dressed as a woman to attend meetings?
  5. What if I can't afford the dues?
  6. Is the Buffalo Belles a gay group?
  7. Are cross-dressers and drag queens the same thing?
  8. What is the age range in membership?
  9. Can I attend meetings if I'm not transgender?



  1. A crossdresser is a person who likes to wear the clothes of the "opposite" sex.
  2. Transgender is an umbrella term that describes a person whose gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. This includes cross-dressers, drag queens/kings, transsexuals, genderqueer people, etc. However, folks within those categories don't always identify as transgender. 
  3. The Buffalo Belles does NOT offer dating or escorting services. Part of our pre-screening process is to prevent people whose agenda is not in line with our goals. 
  4. The Buffalo Belles does not require folks to come dressed any certain way. Come however you feel comfortable! Our events often include friends and family members who do not identify with any trans* term - so you won't feel weird if you're not in-dress.
  5. Dues are important because it allows us to book space, pay for our website, etc. and avoid putting those expenses onto one person. However, we realize that there are certain realities within the trans* community and understand that the dues might be difficult for some. Please talk to one of our group facilitators if dues are problematic. We want people to know that all are welcome regardless of ability to pay.
  6. The Buffalo Belles is an inclusive and LGBT supportive group. This means that not all of our members identify as gay or lesbian but, that we welcome people of all sexual orientations including those who are questioning their sexual orientation. Please note, that the Buffalo Belles does not focus on sexual orientation issues. If sexual orientation is an issue for you, please contact The Pride Center and ask about the Coming Out Support Group.
  7. No, cross-dressers are not the same as drag queens. Drag queens are gay men who simply dress as women as a performance art. Cross-dressers tend to be straight-identified men who occasionally dress as women for a variety of reasons.
  8. We welcome people age 18 and over. However, our membership varies in age.
  9. While our programming is primarily for transgender women and others from the trans* community, we are open to having friends and family members attend.