If you're questioning your gender identity or  looking for support in your transition, you can find answers with Belles!


The Buffalo Belles was established in 1989. We are a social and support group in the Buffalo / Western NY Area, for emerging Crossdressers and TG. However, we welcome others who fall under the Transgender umbrella (Transsexuals, Genderqueer, Transgender Women, Drag Queens / Kings, etc.). Our membership is diverse in terms of gender identity - some have been out as cross-dressers, trans* women, etc, and others are just questioning.

Our goals are to:

  • act as a resource for the trans community of WNY
  • offer support to our members as well as, friends and family members
  • and to offer social events for networking
  • and to just have fun! 

While we are active in the community, not all of our members are "out". And so, in order to keep meetings confidential and our members safe, we do not advertise event locations with anyone other than our members. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Buffalo Belles, please check out our membership section.




Support Groups
Social Outings
Erie Sisters Gala
Holiday Party
LGBT Pride Festival
Water Skiing
GLYS Gayla
Trans* Wellness Fair