Please note: The Buffalo Belles does not, in any way, endorse any organization or business listed on this site. We list the organizations with a reputation of having trans-affirmative resources and/or are established transgender organizations.

The Trans* community of WNY as a whole, is fortunate to have a number of trans-affirmative resources. For local resources, we encourage you to pick up an LGBT Resource Guide which can be found in all of the Public Libraries throughout Erie County. For Resource Guide pick-up locations outside of Erie County, we encourage you to contact The Pride Center of WNY.

Additionally, The Pride Center has an extensive listing of Trans-affirmative resources (social groups, support groups, doctors, lawyers, etc.) which you can find in their Resources section of their website. We encourage our members to send The Pride Center names of businesses or organizations you believe to be trans-friendly.

Resource listings are constantly changing and the Buffalo Belles can't always keep up with these changes. Therefore, we have only included the links to just few well established organizations all of which offer something to transgender people. There are descriptions of what these organizations can offer you, some with extensive resource listings. This list is in no way a complete (nor will it ever be) list of resources for the trans* community, but it will be very helpful in helping you in building your own list of resources. 


National Resources

GLAAD's staff, which has included transgender people for over 15 years, is committed to working with the media to fairly and accurately tell the stories of transgender lives. GLAAD works with national news outlets, TV networks, film studios and Spanish-language media to include real stories about transgender people. GLAAD also works closely with transgender people and transgender advocacy groups to raise awareness about transgender issues. GLAAD provides free media trainings to empower transgender people to share their stories. Learn more about GLAAD by clicking here.

Human Rights Campaign
As more and more transgender people share their stories, the public’s understanding of gender identity and expression builds. HRC works to educate the public and provide a range of resources on issues that transgender and gender nonconforming people face—from workplace discrimination, to securing identity documents, to finding culturally competent healthcare, to family and parenting issues—and to advocate for full inclusion and equality. Learn more about how HRC can help you by clicking here.

Transgender Law Center
The Transgender Law Center's Legal Information Helpline provides basic information about laws that affect transgender people, including employment, health care, civil rights, family law, and identity document changes. We also provide information about resources available for people who are facing other forms of discrimination and civil rights issues. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any individualized legal advice, legal representation, or take on cases through the Legal Information Helpline. However, when appropriate we may refer your case to a staff attorney to review and decide if it is appropriate for Transgender Law Center to represent you. Find out more by click here.

State-wide Resources

Empire State Pride Agenda
Through our education, organizing and advocacy, the Pride Agenda builds support for equality and justice for transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers. We also work with state agencies to improve government policies that treat people unfairly, such as making it difficult to update birth certificates with the correct gender, receive treatment through Medicaid, or access accurate data about our community. Learn more about ESPA and how they are working for trans* equality in New York State by clicking here.

The New York State Transgender Health Services Guide
This guide is put out by the Empire State Pride Agenda. It is not always up-to-date, but many of the resources are still current and helpful. You will be able to find trans-affirmative health-care providers by region. Click here to view the guide.

Transgender Alliance
The Transgender Alliance will be a great source in helping you find social and support groups, events and activities throughout the state. Learn more about the Transgender Alliance by clicking here.

Local WNY Resources

Southern Tier Trans Network
The Southern Tier Trans Network offers social interaction, peer support and education for the southern tier transgender community, its allies and the public at large. Find out more about the Southern Tier Trans Network by clicking here.

Spectrum Transgender Group
The mission of Spectrum Transgender Group is to provide a support structure for transgender individuals and for their families, friends and allies. We serve as an educational resource both in the TG community and in reaching out to the surrounding community, in order to increase awareness of transgender issues. Learn more about Spectrum by clicking here.

Transgender Health Initiative
Transgender and genderqueer individuals face many barriers in accessing quality care and, due to discrimination, many trans* people are often at increased risk for certain health problems. For these reasons, the Pride Center of WNY developed the Transgender Health Initiative (THI) - a comprehensive program designed to address some of the healthcare needs of the transgender communities. While the primary focus is on sexual health and getting trans* folks linked to trans* affirmative health care, the THI staff have helped many trans* people starting their transition. Learn more about THI by clicking here.

Transgeneration is a social and support group for transgender, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming individuals. Transgeneration tends to be a younger crowd and is very mixed in terms of gender identity, expression, race, etc. Learn more about TRANSgeneration by clicking here.