There is no one way to transition! You will have to do what feels right for you! We encourage you and each one of our members to do their own investigation of truth. You will find that many people in the trans community will offer their advice - even if you didn't ask. Although folks are eager to help and have good intentions, it is ultimately up to you to choose your own path.

The following links will be helpful in your journey. 

Legal Name Change
The Name Change Project will be a great resource for those who are looking to change their name legally on their license, birth certificate, etc. 

Evergreen Health Services provides counseling. However, many people have expressed that this process is much faster if you go through the Transgender Health Initiative at The Pride Center. They can put in the referral to speed up the process. 

The Center for Psychosexual Health (Dr. Tom Mazur) focuses on gender dysphoria and can help you through the process of getting the diagnosis of gender dysphoria which is necessary if you're looking to undergo a surgical transformation. 

Evergreen Medical Group has helped many transgender people through their transition process. Most of those people went through the Pride Center's Transgender Health Initiative in order to get linked up with counseling at Evergreen as a first step towards getting hormones. Evergreen also has a pharmacy that is trans-affirmative, so you won't have to worry about feeling awkward at your neighborhood pharmacy.

Laser Hair Removal
Executive Clearance Electrolysis has been known to be a very trans-friendly business. 

The New York State Transgender Resource Guide has a complete list of surgeons throughout NYS as well as, surgeons throughout the U.S. and abroad.